King Soopers Gift Cards

WPPCCO has signed up for King Soopers gift cards.  The cards are sold by WPPCCO and are rechargeable by the user when needed.   The cards can be used for gas, groceries, alcohol, pharmacy, etc.  The club gets 5% of all amounts added to the card and you can use your credit card to recharge the card.  If every family in the club charged $1,000 per year in gas and groceries, the club would earn almost $5,000.  It’s a win/win situation.   You will not be paying for anything you wouldn’t already purchase.  The use of these cards could go a long way towards balancing our budget, reducing membership dues and possibly allow us to do more for the cadets at WP. We need your support, this could be a great deal for the club.  Please contact Scott Geottelman to get your WPPCCO King Soopers gift card at email: