Last Update: August 31, 2019

WPPCCO Club Officers 2019-2020

Sandy Paulton email: or
Patty Scriffiny email: or

Vice-Presidents/Presidents Elect for 2020-2021
Bill Placke email:
Sandy Schlappe email:

Dana Arvin email:
Kathleen Hogan email:

Mackenzie Churchill email:

Mandy Paulton email:

Name Tags
Whitney Navarro email:

Kathleen Hogan email:

Webmaster (
Mark Scriffiny email:

Liaison for WPSD (West Point Society of Denver)
Corbett Foster email:

Liaison for WPSPPR (West Point Society of Pikes Peak Region)
Sandy Paulton email:

Past Presidents

Steve and Jamie Wygant 2018-2019 email:

Matt Wentz 2017-2018 email:

Michelle and Dan Provaznik (2018), 2016-2017, email:

Cyndi and Craig Vosburgh (2017), 2015-2016, email:

Raymond and Lesley Gray (2016), 2014-2015, email:

Mick and Deb Venrick (2015), 2013-2014, email:

Bob and Gayle Bucknam (2010 / 2014), 2012-2013, email:

Class Representatives

2023 Toni Budoff email:

2022 Sandy Schlappe email:

2021 Lori Harrington email:

2020 Dana Arvin and Dan Navarro, email:

2019 Cindy Silvis and George Eliopulos, email:

2018 Lori and Ken McLean, email:

2017 Cyndi and Craig Vosburgh, email:

2016 Lesley and Raymond Gray, email:

2015 Renee and Steve Sanchez email:

2014 Cheryl and Kerry Rohweder, email:

2013 Jean and Stephen Dotson , email:

2012 Selina and Wu Tsien, email:

2011 Laurie and Bob Walcott, email:

2010 Cindy Olson, Tom Hodel and Bill Van Horn
email: Cindy Olson & Tom Hodel; Bill Van Horn

2009 Barb and Ned Grauel, email:

2008 Sandy and Bob Haddad, email:

2007 Karen and Jerry O’Nan,  email:

2006 Marty Dickerson and Doug Fox, email: