Last Update: November 02, 2020

The West Point Parents Club of Colorado supports the values and mission of the United States Military Academy and its Prep school, and provides support, encouragement, education, and information to the parents and extended family members of cadets and graduates. For over 20 years, the West Point Parents Club of Colorado has sought to accomplish the following objectives:

Forward official information from the Superintendent, Commandant, Dean and Public Affairs Office at West Point to help cadets, cadet parents, and family members navigate their 4 years at the United States Military Academy and the United States Military Academy Prepatory School.

Offer fellowship and support through social gathering in our network of Colorado parents of cadets and graduates, in an effort to help cadet families get the most out of their son's and daughter's 47 month experience at West Point.

Encourage involvement in community events that support USMA and our military (service projects, Military Academy Information Day, Colorado All Service Academy Ball).

Champion and assist USMA teams, clubs, and cadets as they compete in, visit, or pass through Colorado.

Support USMA Cadets on exchange at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Specific Benefits of Membership Include:

Conduit of timely and valuable dates and information pertinent to your Cadet's class all four years from the Parent Liaison in the Public Affairs Office at USMA via WPPCCO.

Ongoing support and advice from parents who have been through the West Point experience; firsthand, invaluable cadet and parent information.

"Parent Source Book" - available to members and a valuable resource for their entire four year experience at West Point.

Free Cadet admission to the Colorado All Service Academy Ball. A $280 value.

Information about tickets to the Army/Air Force football game held every other year in Colorado Springs.

"Boodle" exchange parties, socials, service projects.

Access to West Point graduates who can advise parents and cadets on options at West Point and after graduation in the U.S. Army.

Club members "adopt" your cadet when we are visiting West Point (Acceptance weekend, football games) and you're not able to visit.

Network opportunities and friendships with other members through graduation and beyond.

Continues support, activities, and socials after your cadet graduates.

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DISCLAIMER: This private organization is a non-Federal entity organized by parents of Cadets at the United States Military Academy.   Non-Federal entities may not be endorsed by the United States Army or Department of Defense. As such, the views of this private organization are not to be considered as the official views of the United States Military Academy.